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TaxTalent has introduced the tax profession to a logical, project-based service called Bridge Staffing, which provides higher quality talent at a lower cost than a traditional "loaner staffing" solution.

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2014 Educational Survey Series

For the past three years, TaxTalent has provided annual rankings of Undergraduate and Graduate Tax and Accounting programs directly from the perspective of corporate tax hiring authorities. By providing these annual rankings of the best U.S Tax programs directly from the employer perspective, we hope to bridge the gap between academia and the corporate tax world. The results are in and we are pleased to inform you of the release of the 2014 Educational Survey Series!

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The 2014 Tax Hiring Outlook

The 2014 Tax Hiring Outlook Report provides insight into the tax hiring process from the viewpoint of 239 corporate tax hiring authorities after year-end budgeting, and provides conclusive information to support decision making. Additionally, this report includes a comparison to hiring data reported in the previous survey from 2013 in order to provide a perspective on any relevant trends that have developed over the past year.

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Introducing the New TaxTalent Career Management Community

For over fifteen years, TaxTalent has been providing innovative solutions that help members optimize their tax careers and corporate tax departments. We believe that tax professionals make better decisions when they have the right data at the right time. Our boldest innovation ever, the new TaxTalent Career Management Community, eliminates the pre-information age adage "If I only knew then what I know now."

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2014 Global Tax Market Assessment

We are pleased to announce the release of our annual 2014 Global Tax Market Assessment, published in partnership with British based BPA. Not only does the assessment review the previous year's speculative accuracy, but it also covers a wide range of predictive insights for the tax profession both here in the US and abroad.

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Employee Classification Options for Independent Tax Professionals

If you are making the transition from full-time employment to venturing out on your own as an independent tax professional, you may be wondering what the best classification option is when taking on a new contract; W2, 1099, or Corp-to-Corp? We are currently seeing a trend of employers who highly prefer the LLC/Corp-to-Corp status as a means of avoiding the risks of worker misclassification on Individual 1099’s and the higher costs associated with W-2 arrangements. We have provided the pros and cons of each filing option in this whitepaper; however, so you can determine which is best for your particular situation.

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IRS Proposes Changes in Partnership Basis Allocations

The Internal Revenue Service has released a set of proposed regulations to prevent abuses of the partnership basis adjustment rules, disallowing partnership loss transfers to avoid some of the abuses uncovered by the Enron scandal.

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Business Tax Reform and Trends

This monthly survey by EY tracks trends in the views of business tax professionals while tax reform is debated and developed in the US Congress. This is the fourth monthly barometer which tracks the views reported during December 2013.

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What is Retirement Anyway?

Today we’re hearing retirement referred to as fading; a thing of the past. It’s true that many Americans have to work longer than planned due to insufficient retirement savings, costs of health care, unexpected life changes, etc. However, in this article, we will be addressing the tax professional who is well-positioned financially, but faces other retirement considerations.

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Six Developments for CPAs to Watch in 2014

If you enjoy change, 2014 should be a good year. The months ahead will see the accounting profession gearing up for new regulations and handling significant financial reporting developments, including preparing to implement changes in accounting for revenue.

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CPAs Views of Current Economic Conditions

CPAs in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania believe economic conditions in the United States will likely be the same in 2014. Although they predict higher business revenues for their states next year, they don't have the same optimism for workforces in those three locations, according to a recent survey conducted by Franklin & Marshall College and sponsored by the New Jersey Society of CPAs, New York State Society of CPAs, and the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs.

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Best Practices for the Tax Business Owner

In a recent Accounting Today webinar, presenters Chuck McCabe of The Income Tax School and Cathy Mueller of Peoples Income Tax, provided valuable insight into the world of tax consulting.

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